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Monday, December 09, 2019

When Doreen started Possrino® Knitwear in 2003 she had found this yarn proved to be very lightweight and exceptionally warm. Garments can be packed into small places and with very little weight makes it ideal to take or send overseas, or for tourists to take home.

Doreen has been machine knitting for 40 plus years and in this time has used a variety of yarns, garment styles, techniques, and machine models.Using her contact with other machine knitters/designers from within New Zealand and overseas Doreen has been able to extend her knowledge in many areas without having to try everything herself. This has been a great time saving exercise but has also led to coming up with other ideas build on this knowledge.

Doreen attended the Silver International Machine Knitting Institute in Tokyo in 1981, and taught Machine Knitting through her local Polytechnic for over 12 years. When Possum fur started to become popular by being blended with Merino wool Doreen could see the potential of this yarn and started experimenting to see how best to handle it.

Possrino® Knitwear is proud to bring this website to you. We have an exciting range of quality garments in wide distribution around the world... and now you are able to buy them directly from the producer - online!