Thursday, February 20, 2020

Possrino® Knitwear creates high quality garments and accessories from the wonderfully soft and durable blend of Opossum (possum) fur and the finest Merino wool. Fluffy and lightweight, the fur has a soft silky feel and has an almost nil prickle factor. A core thread is used to add strength and is usually of silk, but can sometimes be synthetic.

Opossum fur, when examined, shows that each shaft has a series of large scales, which helps it to grip its neighbour scale. seen in cross section, the fibre has a hollow core. The only other creatures besides the opossum with a fur of similar characteristics are the Arctic polar bears and the wolverine.

What has caused these creatures living in extremely opposite climatic conditions to evolve these characteristics? One can only conclude that this fur type has unique thermal properties and the hollow core is probably the clue to understanding this.

The hollow core, however, also means that it doesn't dye readily. the yarns, which are a blend of Opossum, Merino and silk/synthetic, have a distinctive dark undertone. This is due to the Merino and the 'core' thread taking on the introduced dye, while the Opossum remains relatively unaffected, giving our yarn its distinct and unique colour tones.

The fur is 'hydroscopic'. In other words, it allows the moisture to be drawn into the centre of the shaft. For the Opossum, in the heat of the Australian outback, it acts like insulation protecting against the scorching heat of the day.
 For the Polar Bear, this means that water from the melting snow is drawn away from the body and stops the bear from freezing in sub-zero temperatures.

For us, luxuriously soft Opossum fur garments are warmer, easier to dry and much lighter to wear.

Possrino® Knitwear is proud to bring this website to you. We have an exciting range of quality garments in wide distribution around the world... and now you are able to buy them directly from the producer - online!